Quality Matters (QM) at Framingham State University is an initiative, sponsored by CELTSS and the Offices of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, to provide faculty support to redesign online and blended courses according to QM national standards. These standards promote learning and engagement through a student focused, faculty managed, continuous quality improvement process.

There are two ways that you can become a part of the Quality Matters community:

Fall 2014 Cohort — The cohort is comprised of a Power Day (Thursday, August 21, 2014) and four meeting times throughout the fall semester. Throughout the Power Day you will join other online faculty in discussing the eight General Standards of the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric and how to apply them to your online or blended courses. The four meetings provide an opportunity for collegial discussion about applying the standards to your online or blended course. It is an excellent opportunity to build a community with fellow online learning faculty. More details are below

Self-paced Online Workshop — If you have taught a specific online or blended course for a minimum of four semesters over a two year period, this self-paced workshop is for you! More details coming soon.

Quality Matters Approved

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Cindy Bechtel

Dr. Cynthia Bechtel

Advanced Technology and Nursing Informatics


Edward Burke

Health Care Administration
Seminar in Health Care Administration


Kim Cochrane

Curriculum and Instructional Technology
Children’s Literature


Dr. Susan Conrad

Professional Nursing Perspectives


Dr. Michael Crosier

Sports Nutrition


Dr. Aline Davis



Dr. Irene Foster

Fashion Design and Retailing
Global Market: Dynamics of Retailing


Dr. Bridgett Galvin

Human Development and Learning


Dr. Don Langenhorst

Continuing Education
Internet for 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Dr. Zhe Li

Dr. Zhe Li

Economics and Business
Administration Investments


Dr. Pamela Ludemann

Child Psycholog


Dr. Susan Mullaney

Tertiary Prevention


Dr. Cynthia Prehar

Social Psychology


Margaret Whitbeck,MS RD CDN

Nutrition in the School Environment


Dr. Julie Zoino-Jeannetti, Ph.D.

Philosophy of Education & Teaching Practice



Quality Matters Program

Each spring, faculty members meet regularly to review the QM standards in advance of redesigning their courses for an internal QM review. Conversations are led by Dr. Pat Luoto of the Consumer Sciences Department and Robin Robinson of the Education Technology and Interactive Media Office.

If you are interested in participating or want to become a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer, contact rrobinson@framingham.edu.

QM Participants 2011-14

John Ambacher
Cynthia Bechtel*
Rupal Bhatt
Lori Bihler
Pamela Bretschneider
Conny Breuning
Edward Burke*
Mary Burke
Brian Cacchiotti
Margaret Carroll
Kim Cochrane*
Marian Cohen
Kristin Comment
Susan Conrad*
Michael Crosier*
Susan Dargan
Aline Davis*
William Deane
Peter Dittami
Karen Druffel
Catherine Elder
Robert Ferrari
Irene Foster*
Bridgett Galvin*
Evgenija Garbolevsky
Zhenguang Gao
Andrea Gorman
Patricia Hamblett
Michael Harrison
Denise Hobby
Lorretta Holloway
Ann Johnson
Francis Kemegue
Suban Krishnamoorthy
Don Langenhorst*
Zhe Li*
Pamela Ludemann*
Sarah Mabrouk
Halcyon Mancuso
Paulette Melanson
Deborah Merriam
Susan Mullaney*
Susan Mullins
Virginia Noon
Judith Otto
Lynn Parker
Cynthia Prehar*
Ruth Remington
Lorna Rinear
Nicole Rossi
Pamela Sebor-Cable
Janet Schwartz
Beverly Soriano
Patricia Thomas
Coleen Toronto
Margaret Whitbeck*
Julia Zoino-Jeannetti*


*Course meets Quality Matters Standards

Spring Cohort

  1. The program begins with a Power Day in January, with a day-long Quality Matters Standards workshop session.
  2. Throughout the spring semester, faculty meet four times for a collegial discussion about how to apply the standards to their online or blended course.
  3. As the standards are discussed, faculty create or redesign online/blended courses.
  4. At the end of the program, faculty request a course review by an internal FSU QM Peer Review team.
  5. Faculty who have a course approved for meeting QM standards will be recognized at the Day in May and have a Quality Matters certification added to their course.

To learn more contact rrobinson@framingham.edu.