If you do not find your answer in this list of questions, contact the Education Technology Office at 508 626-4927 or email eto@framingham.edu.

If I experience a problem with Blackboard, how do I get help?

Blackboard Support is available online or in-person. Report an incident from the myIT.framingham.edu self-service portal, call 508-215-5906, or view  Blackboard Help Videos web site. When you are on campus stop by the Education Technology Office in Hemenway Hall 105 or 109 and meet with a member of the ETO team.

I forgot my password. Now what do I do?

Passwords are synched across university resources including, Blackboard, myFramingham, Email and your network login. Go to https://password.framingham.edu to reset or change your password. If you experience a problem contact the Technology Resource Center at 508-215-5906 or report the issue from the myIT.framingham.edu self-service portal.

I am an online student. Where do I begin?

Online Student Orientations are held at the start of each semester, usually the week before online classes begin. During the session students are invited to campus where they are introduced to the Blackboard Learn platform, university resources, and provided with strategies for success. Learn more

How do I access my Blackboard course?

All students who register for courses at Framingham State University are automatically enrolled in their assigned Blackboard Learn course space. A letter is mailed to students with their assigned username and password before the start of the semester. If you are taking an online course login information is also emailed. To become familiar with Blackboard view the Blackboard Help self-service support site.

To begin using Blackboard:

  1. Go to https://framingham.blackboard.com
  2. Enter: Assigned Username
  3. Enter: Assigned Password

My course is not listed in Blackboard, now what do I do?

If your course does not appear in the My Courses Box on Blackboard, most likely your professor is not prepared to the make the course available to students. [Note, not all professors use Blackboard.] To confirm your enrollment you may view your schedule on myFramingham or contact the Registrar’s office at 508 626-4545.


My e-mail changed. How do I update my address in Blackboard?

Most students receive Blackboard course emails and announcements directly to their Framingham State email address. As a student, it is your responsibility to read these communications and verify that your address is correct. To view your email address on Blackboard, select Personal Information from the Blackboard Tools box on the home page. If you enter new information, use the Submit button to save your changes or Cancel to exit the form.

What is Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn is the web-based learning platform at Framingham State University. Blackboard is used by faculty and students to share information and course materials, to engage in critical thinking activities and for collaborating online asynchronously or in real time. It is also accessible from a mobile device.

What technology skills are needed to use Blackboard Learn?

Basic computer skills, such as downloading documents, entering information on a web based form, sending an attachment in email and updating computer settings, are essential skills for succeeding in the Blackboard Learn web environment. Review Atomic Learning self-paced videos linked through Blackboard to refresh your skills.

What are the minimum computer requirements to access my online course?

To be successful in a course that uses Blackboard, students must have a functioning computer connected to the Internet through an approved browser. It is also recommended to have a back-up plan in the event that the primary computer is not available. Computers in the Hemenway Hall General Lab or Whittemore library are an option. Administrative access to add or update the computer is also essential to install browser plugins, change security settings or download software.

How do I access Blackboard from my mobile device?

The Blackboard Mobile™ Learn platform takes interactive teaching and learning mobile, giving students and educators access to their courses, content and organizations on a variety of mobile devices. Learn more …

How do I find my grades?

The official source for grades is myFramingham. Log into the portal to view your grades or to request a transcript. If your professor uses the Blackboard Grade Center you may also check your progress in the course using the My Grades option in the Course Tools area of the course. Learn more

I am unable to submit my test. Who can help?

If you experience a problem submitting your test, do not close your browser or use the back button. Contact your professor immediately so they may clear your attempt or submit the test for you. Taking steps before you begin the test may help mitigate future problems. Check your connection; it is important that you have a reliable, preferably wired, Internet connection; an Internet browser that is compatible with the type of exam you are taking – Firefox is preferred. Verify you have up-to-date Java installed; and all necessary software downloaded and tested to make certain it works on your system such as Respondus Lockdown Browser. Be prepared to finish the test once you begin and save after you answer each question. When you come to the end of the test click save and submit. Learn more