If you do not find your answer in this list of questions, contact the Education Technology Office at 508 626-4927 or email eto@framingham.edu.

If I experience a problem with Blackboard, how do I get help?

Blackboard Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online OR by calling the toll free number 1.844.718.1602 Faculty and students may view the online support tools, chat with a technician or report a technical problem by visiting the Blackboard Online Resource Center or Blackboard Help Videos web sites.

Is there TTY Access for Blackboard support?

Call 703.464.0515 to access the TTY (Teletypewriter) service.

I forgot my password. Now what do I do?

Passwords are synched across university resources including, Blackboard, myFramingham, Email and your network login. Go to https://password.framingham.edu to reset or change your password. If you experience a problem contact the Technology Resource Center at (508) 620-1220 ext. 4357

I am an online student. Where do I begin?

Online Student Orientations are held at the start of each semester, usually the week before online classes begin. During the session students are invited to campus where they are introduced to the Blackboard Learn platform, university resources, and provided with strategies for success. Click here to learn if online learning is for you.

How do I access my Blackboard course?

All Students who registered for courses at Framingham State University are automatically enrolled in their Blackboard Learn course site. A letter is mailed to students with their assigned username and password before the start of the semester. If you are taking an online course login information is also emailed. To become familiar with Blackboard view the Blackboard Learn On Demand Videos online. To log on:

  1. Go to http://framingham.blackboard.com
  2. Enter: Assigned Username
  3. Enter: Assigned Password

My course is not listed in Blackboard, now what do I do?

Do not panic.Courses in which you are enrolled are listed in the My Courses box of the Blackboard My Home page. (Not all professors use Blackboard.) If you are taking an online class your welcome e-mail is your confirmation that you are enrolled in the Blackboard course site. If the semester has not started, it is most likely that your professor has not made the site available. To confirm your registration you may call our 24/7 Blackboard support line at 1.844.718.1602 or send an e-mail to eto@framingham.edu.

My e-mail changed. How do I update my address in Blackboard?

Once you have logged into Blackboard update your email using the My Places link at the top of the page. Your professor will use the email address in Blackboard to communicate with you during the semester. To learn more, watch this short video.

What is Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn is the most recent name for the eLearning platform most identify as Blackboard. Blackboard Learn connects faculty, students and staff anywhere, anytime there is an internet connection. Blackboard is used by faculty and students to share information and course materials, to engage in critical thinking activities and for collaborating online. It is also now accessible from a mobile device.

What computer skills are needed to use Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard suggests that users possess these basic skills.

  • Know how to use an Internet browser. Internet Explorer and Firefox are recommended
  • Know how to download and install browser plug-ins (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  • Manage files on your computer including creating and naming folders, saving and opening files and deleting files and folders.
  • Understand how to attach files to emails and save files on your computer.

What are the minimum computer requirements to access my online course?

Blackboard Learn is accessible from any computer connected to the internet – PC or Mac. Internet Explorer and Firefox are the preferred browsers. The specific list of supported browsers and operating systems are listed at this web address.

How do I access Blackboard from my mobile device?

The Blackboard Mobile™ Learn platform takes interactive teaching and learning mobile, giving students and educators access to their courses, content and organizations on a variety of devices including iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, Android™, BlackBerry®, and Palm® smartphones. Learn more …

How do I setup my CafeScribe account?

CafeScribe is a digital textbook platform owned by Follet Higher Education Group. CafeScribe is compatible with most computers and popular mobile devices. When CafeScribe is integrated into Blackboard students may read their text book and collaborate with peers and professors directly from their Blackboard course space. Students may also use the resource outside of the eLearning platform. Learn more. (http://www.cafescribe.com)

How do I get to LiveText from Blackboard?

LiveText Accreditation Data Management and e-Portfolio platform was selected to support the University NCATE accreditation initiative. Students enrolled in courses associated with the program may link directly to LiveText from their Blackboard course shell or go directly to the LiveText web site at http://www.livetext.com. For assistance, contact the Education Technology Office at 508 626-4927.