Reimagine - Redesign

  • What is our vision?

  • What have we learned?

  • What is our implementation plan?

  • What is our timeline?

  • What questions remain?

Why are we doing this?

Refine the design and functionality of the University’s web presence; streamline navigation and optimize the user experience of for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices from desktop computers to mobile phones (a.k.a. “Responsive Web Design”)

What is our vision?

The FSU Difference

  • Reflect the same sense of community online that happens every day offline
  • Market the student journey through storytelling
  • Use rich media and responsive design to reflect FSU's offerings
  • Use the site to inspire and provide function for all audiences
  • Improve search and increase conversion through a modern, responsive design

Focus Group

  • Site looks outdated, not modern, which undermines FSU’s reputation
  • No sense of what it is like to be on campus, the sense of community, the quality and commitment of the faculty, or the way in which FSU supports the students’ work/life balance
  • No real marketing to promote organization; no cohesive communications strategy
  • Content updating process is time-consuming and there are no clear guidelines to follow
  • Confusion between content for internal vs. external audiences

What have we learned?

Focus Groups – Sitemap – Wireframe Testing - Analytics

  • Collaborative Process
    • Listened to stakeholders
    • Surveyed students
    • Hands-on experience

Sitemap Testing

Determine the underlying structure of the site, without any of the visual design or other content. Do names and categories make sense to the user?

  • Surveyed
    • Current Students
    • 3,000 Prospective Grad and Undergrad Students

Sitemap Testing

  • The sitemap test was successful. While at initial glance a handful of the tasks in the test had high failure rates, participants went down almost identical incorrect paths.
    • Many of these incorrect paths are negated both by mega menus that allow the users to glance over content quickly before selecting a place to go, and by the Program Index page.

Wireframe Testing

  • 4 prospective students - 29 current students - 5 faculty - 16 staff
  • The wireframe test reflects our strong, unique community and aims to exemplify the holistic educational experience in alignment with the website strategic vision and project scope.
  • The structure also demonstrates the high value of an FSU education with tangible examples of both student and alumni success and the incredible support systems.
  • Finally, the structure highlights the FSU Difference, student extracurricular opportunities and providing pathways for visitors to the site.

What is our implementation plan?

What questions remain?

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