Do you need Blackboard help?

New to Blackboard?
Log on to Blackboard and enroll in the Blackboard Quick Start course. You can practice navigating a course, downloading resources, uploading assignments, and participating in a discussion board.

  1. Click the My Courses tab (under the Framingham State logo).
  2. In the Course Search box, type Quick Start and click Go.
  3. Click the drop-down arrows next to the course name and then click Enroll.
  4. From the Enroll page, click Submit. The course now appears in your My Courses list.

Blackboard Upgrade – What changes impact me?

  • Atomic Learning Access on Blackboard Home page. After the upgrade, you will be able to access Atomic Learning from both Blackboard and myFramingham! Additionally, your professor can embed specific Atomic Learning video tutorials within a course based on student need. For example, they could add tutorials about formatting headers and footers in Microsoft Word or creating text in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Improved Calendar. Events, assignment due dates, and course reminders can all now be viewed in the completely revamped Blackboard calendar. (Introduction Video – 1 minute, 24 seconds)
  • Brand New Content Editor. Blackboard has fixed many of the frustrating issues with the text editor, such as copying and pasting content directly from Microsoft Word, and added new options, such as creating tables and building out math equations. (Tutorial Video – 4 minutes)
  • Video Everywhere. This new feature will allow you to record or reuse one of your existing YouTube videos in response to a discussion board forum or another assignment. In fact, most places that you can type text, you can record and then embed your video! You will need a YouTube (or gmail) account to use this feature. (Introduction Video – 1 minute, 34 seconds)
  • Discussion Boards. Redesigned for ease of use. Most features are the same, and the changes are cosmetic. One new option will be added — a forum can require you, as a student, to post a thread before you can see what your classmates have posted. (Introduction Video – 4 minutes, 5 seconds)

More details will be provided after the upgrade. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us at

Blackboard On Demand Video Tutorials


Communicating and Collaborating


Blackboard Strategies for Success

  1. Log in with your assigned username and password before the semester begins.
  2. Verify your personal information ( email is preferred.)
  3. Locate the course link in the My Courses Box (The link will appear if and when the professor makes the course site available.)
  4. Read the announcements (and check back often for updates).
  5. Find the syllabus and download a copy for reference.
  6. Review all material posted (enter every content space).
  7. Complete an orientation exercise when asked.
  8. Reference the Student Guide to Blackboard Learn.
  9. Use the appropriate supported browser (IE or Firefox)
  10. If you need assistance, ASK! Call 1.866.361.8970 for 24/7 Blackboard support.