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On Friday, December 19th, Kimberly Emrick from iFactory firm shared a high-level project road-map to help move from its current state to an aspirational one.  The FSU Strategic Presentation summarized the findings from stakeholder interviews, strategic briefs, documentation review, and site analysis in ways that will answer the following questions about the website redesign: What are we trying to do? Why are we doing it? How will we know when we’ve done it?  The WebsiteBriefing-DEC2014 document is a summary of their findings. Website Redesign

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The University Web Management Team is excited to announce the unveiling of a new homepage for during the week of November 17th. Thanks to input from members of all areas of the University, this new homepage reflects the goal of implementing a more user-friendly site that helps Framingham State attract and retain students, and provides faculty, staff and community members with a clear direction as to where they can find information to answer their questions online.

What you will notice is that the new homepage is responsive, meaning that the page adapts to the screen size of the device being used to access the site. The information on the homepage will not change. All the links and points of information are kept the same.

This homepage “quick refresh” marks the beginning of a long-term project that will see the complete redesign of the navigation and look and feel of the entire University website, with an anticipated launch date of Fall 2015. We hope you enjoy the new look of and will participate in conversations as the project moves forward.

Please direct general questions to

Framingham State Web Management Team